We offer over several performance opportunities throughout year.  Although performances aren’t mandatory, every student is encouraged to perform regardless of the length of time they have taken lessons.  Performances motivate students to work harder, giving them a goal to obtain.  The reward of the performance and the rush the student gets after hearing the audience clap is invaluable and without fail maintains momentum in the learning process.  Sometimes we perform at a retirement home.  What better way to give back to the community than to share talent with them?  We also have the formal Christmas and Spring recital each May inside a church.  Annually, we have an outdoor performance at Market Street in the Woodlands.  And, the favored performance of the year is at a local restaurant.  This venue provides a relaxed ambience while each student experiences performing a mini-concert.  Simultaneously, the audience enjoys food, coffee, drinks, and fun.

Other performances include local restaurants and venues like Shogun’s, Orange Leaf, Rice and/or Astros Baseball Games, local churches, and festivals.




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