Do you have what it takes to be an at home coach?

A Home-Coach?? W-H-A-T?? If you are the parent of a child who takes music lessons you have added another title to your collection: cheerleader! Every student needs approval, encouragement and, yes, cheering from parents and family members. However, if your student is a young child you must consider yet another title: home-coach. The coach could […]

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How to remember all those notes!

Have you ever had a piece that was difficult to memorize or that had a lot of eighth notes back to back? Sixteenth notes are especially difficult because you tend to link them all together to make incoherent music?   Well, this is perfectly normal because of simple psychology. You see, our brains can hold only so […]

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Songwriting 101

Where do you start to write a song? For me, I start with a thought and expand on the thought. However, it does not always happen like that, I recently wrote a song based on the music and not so much on the lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, the lyrics were pretty good but the […]

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