Awakening Music!

My Voice and Piano (also known as MVP) is not only committed to providing excellent teaching for students, but also giving students the skills to succeed in all facets of their life.

We are committed to the highest standards for MUSICIANSHIP.

We VALUE our students’ success through innovative teaching and high expectations.

We PROMOTE skills that will accompany your student for the rest of their life.

By teaching them discipline with their instrument, setting goals, and inspiring each student to reach new heights, we believe we can use music as an avenue to teach valuable life skills. Whether our students turn into professional musicians or whether they are at our studio for just a season, we want them all to experience a boost in confidence that can be applied to every area of their life. We want them to realize that if they work hard towards a goal and put in the time, they can achieve more than they ever thought they could and, that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

There is an invaluable reward a student receives when they practice a piece over and over and then finally, it’s performance ready. It would be really hard to find a musician that would tell you they love to practice. Practicing is not fun. It’s the accomplishment after minutes and minutes, hours and hours, days and days and sometimes, weeks and weeks, of practicing the same song, the same section, over and over that it then becomes fun. That it then becomes something to show off, something to talk about, something to be proud of.

Robert Brooks, Ph.D., a Harvard Medical School psychologist, defines the term self-discipline: “Self-discipline means taking ownership, accountability and responsibility for our behavior. It is one of the most important qualities we can help our kids develop.” My Voice and Piano wants to awaken a love for music in each and every student while building skills for self-discipline necessary for success and accomplishment in every area of life.

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